Keystroke Converter

Customize keyboard layout, change keyboard shortcuts, replace keyboard key.

Keystroke Converter is a tool to exchange the keys on the keyboard. With it, you can say goodbye to any keyboard layout you dislike. With it, you can make the broken key function again. With it, you can disable any undesired key. With it, you can change your common 102 keyboard into a multifunctional one without costing much money. The basic functions of Keyboard Transformation are as follows: 1. Change one key for another.2. Change one key for a sequence of keys.3. Change a sequence of keys for another sequences. 4. Accomplish text input with one or a sequence of keystrokes. 5. Accomplish Macro with one or a sequence of keystrokes. 6. Disable one or a sequence of keystrokes. 7. Key to Mouse. 8. Control volume by keystroke. 9. One press to lunch web browser, program, special file or folder.
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Hotkey Recorder

record key and mouse events to file and play them back.

Macros often used can be defined and played back. Macros, keystrokes and mouse events can be assigned to a hot key. When the key sequence is pressed, Hotkey Recorder will launch these macros. Hotkey Recorder may record and save mouse movements, mouse clicks, and keyboard keystrokes in any applications. When you need, you can replay the recorded activities for many times. Store and Load recorded macros. Launch applications with parameters. Insert delays. Repeat macros. Edit the scripts by using an integrated editor. Open file or URL. Change keys. Play the record in loop as many times as needed. Load a previously saved record from disk.
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Sounding Keyboard and Mouse

You can hear assigned sound when you press keys or click mouse.

It Lets you hear magic sound when you press keys or click mouse. The program allows you to hear the sound or the words which you want to hear after your typing or clicking. The program can vocalize the text you are typing at the completion of each character or each word or each sentence.
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Extension Copy

Allows you to only copy the file with specific rules when you copy folder.

Extension Copy is an explorer enhancements shell tool. It allows you to only copy and paste the special file when you copy folders or files in windows explorer. When you only want to copy some files, which satisfy a particular and conditional rules instead of all the files, a dialog window will pop up and allow you select the file type, file modification time, file size and so on, after you press Ctrl + V or select Paste from the context menu. Same directory structure will be kept after pasting special. The function crush file allows you absolutely delete a file from your computer. And the crushed file can not be recovered by anyway. You can find this function by right click a file or folder.
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On Screen Keyboard

A soft-keyboard which can be customzied as your requirement. On-screen-keyboard can be useful if you have mobility impairments, if you are using a tablet PC, or if your keyboard goes down. And it can works well on touch-screen. This a demo keyboard which includes the main keys on a normal keyboard.This software allows you cutomize the layout as you want.
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Exe Icon Changer ( Executable File Icons Changer )

Replace icon in application( Exe, Dll, Folder, Driver)

Executable File Icons Changer -- The tool can replace the icon in the executable file easily very much ! Even the executable file compressed or the size of the icon is inconsistent, it can replace easily ! It can also change the icon of other executable file types such as Dll, Ocx, Scr and so on. The icon of folder and driver can be changed by Executable File Icons Changer too. If you want to extract and save the icons in exe file, Executable File Icons Changer will be your first choice. It can save the icon as two formats: bmp and ico. Replace icon of exe, dll file. Support compressed executable file. Allow replace different size icon. Support all format icons. Extract all the icons in an executable file. Replace folder, driver icon.
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Flash Screensaver Maker

Package flash movies in one Screen saver.

Package favorite flash movies in one Screen saver. These movies can be played at one time or one by one. You or the end user can set many features of every movie such as playback range, time frame, scene domain, quality, background color etc. Package multiple Flash files in one time. Complete all Flash version (3, 4, 5, MX, cs4, cs5) Support. Allow to set many features of every flash movie. Mute Control. Supports Installer. Flash screen-saver can be previewed as thumbnails. Drag and drop interface, Easy-to-use. Support Screensaver password. Configure movies playback one by one or show all. Configure movies delay time, frames, size, scale mode, playback quality, align mode. Configure movies background color, loop and device font.
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Key Transformation

An easy way to customize keyboard layout!

Key Transformation can customize your keyboard layout, change any key on the keyboard into other keys. Its on-screen-keyboard ( soft keyboard ) is very easy to use. Want the F1 key to type B? Want the D key to type f? Want the Shift+Enter key to press Table? Want Shift+1 to type a Sentence? Want an exchange between Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V? Key Transformation can do these easily. The program allows you to redefine system keys, such as , Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Table, and Win keys. You can also disable desired key. It can extend your keyboard function. By using it, the input method of special language can be accomplished easily. Now you can set your own keyboard layout and enjoy easier, faster and less painful typing.
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Picture To Icon

converts picture( bmp, gif, jpeg and other images or any part on screen) to icon.

Picture To Icon converts images or any part on your screen into icons, resizes the icon and extracts icons from libraries. With Picture To Icon you make nice Windows icons of your pictures or digital photos very quick and easy. Picture To Icon converts BMP, JPEG, GIF, CUR, WMF formats into all sizes Windows icons. You can capture any part on your screen and convert it to icon or BMP file. You can resize icon form 1 x 1 icon to 240 x 240 icon. All icon size below 240 x 240 are all supported by Picture To Icon. It's possible to convert 256-color icons into true color or any other color. icons in the exe, dll, ocx and other executable files can be extracted easily. Use this tool, you can convert GIF2ICO, JPG2ICO, BMP2ICO, WMF2ICO, SCREEN2ICO, CAPTURE ICON FROM SCREEN and RESIZE ICON.
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